The 'Art' of Furniture

What do you look for in a furniture? Many collectors adores the white furniture.  It’s becoming a trend to have all white in your home.  But do you notice how the paint is applied?  Does the application look sloppy or quite evenly and carefully applied? Do you prefer an even coat or an antiqued look with different shades of paint?


You can either buy the well-painted furniture or you can make it more interesting by re painting it.  Country cottage is a style which encourages a casual and relaxed look.

You can choose all sorts of color that is suitable to your home, most of us will take white.  Try green, blue, yellow or red.  Make it an art work of the day, definitely if it’s a big cupboard, it will take a few days, for the several coats that you have to applied.  Take you own sweet time to finish the painting, and most of all be patience, enjoy every moment. Trust me, it’s worth it.

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