Simply Bloom

This old pictures says it all out.  They’re definitely happy together.  They enjoy having each other most of the time.  Now they are far apart, but they’re still growing in my heart.  In green, is my lovely daughter, Salsabila.  InsyaAllah, one day we will be together, forever.  In pink, Qistina and Nabil in white shirt. There are certain times where I blame myself for taking away my daughter’s happiness, is it me or its faith.  The only thing that holds me strong enough is the wisdom words from my husband… If she is meant for us, she will be, InsyaAllah.


This is what I hope for in her life….


She will be able to stand on her own….

She will be able to fight for her rights

She will be a bright girl , be the best in her studies…

She will always remember to pray every single day

She will remember that she does not need to pay me a single cents of whatever I’ve done for her

She will be a good muslim

She will find her real parents

She will be a good girl, grow up to be a beautiful lady

She will bring happiness to all her friends or whoever is dare to be close to her

She will always love me

She will always be my little girl

She’s the happiness that I cannot buy


I have only a few years before she grows up being a beautiful lady.  Ya Allah, I only ask for a few years until she can stand up for herself. Please show me the way so that I can be with her.  So that I can guide her, comfort her and be a good mother to her….





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  1. kak,insyaAllah she will be the person that you want her to'll always be in her heart thats for sure...