What is Vintage?

It's a combination of Vint (of the vine) and Age (time of creation). This term is used in the wine industry to indicate a wine's harvest date. The use of "vintage" has been modified by collectors to mean old, such as a Vintage Car, or Vintage Clothing, Vintage Teapots, Vintage Finds.  Vintage Finds includes teapots, flowerpots, baskets, tins, dishware, furniture etc.  In other words for it is items that others do not want anymore make such a lovely display item for our home. Isn't it true?
To unify our home, we splashes a few vintage here and there, from a wall arrangement to the dining room, on each corner or even the kitchen, will be stained by the vintage look.
We learnt more on the items and it grows day by day, from one to another and it became a lifetime project.  If you don't love it anymore, get rid of it. Buy something in return since it will get another new home. After all, one duck's trash is another woman's treasure.

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