Fw: 'Get Together'

  Last Saturday, we joined the 'NRC Get Together'.  It's a small get together amongst the Club Members and families... It's full of games with Fishing Competition & Treasure Hunts.  We went there to have fun and meet up with most of friends since limited time for us  to miggle around during office hours... My hubby ends up winning second place for Fishing Competition.  The prizes might be small in value but you can't just exchange it with the bundle of joy for the day. I got myself a Toaster Oven from the Lucky Draw. A happy ending indeed, I really enjoyed the day.


My talking partner, well most of the time, Mamat (Special Kid - Hyperactive).  He's quite an interesting kid.  He will always challenge your patience. He'll keep asking the same question and expected a green light for him to undergo whatever he wished for.  I've given him all sorts of reasons and most of it are only creations. I really learned a lot from him… The important thing is that when you're up there, you have to look down, you will definitely learn more things that you could imagined. 

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