A blast from the past

It’s been a while since my last update … Miss me… Well, I’m back…I’ve to organized a few bundle of works … Getting my daughter’s custody court case in tact… It’s not easy to get everything done perfectly but Alhamdulillah my lovely husband, my mum, dad , my brother, my sister-in-law and a few of my friends who are very supportive have sometimes showed me the way. They really lighten up my day, THANK YOU for the motivation and Love ... InsyaAllah the truth will be brought forward .

Recently when I was at my parents place, I’ve been clearing up and found the families old photos especially my parents wedding photos.

Let me share with you the blast of the past. They really look so handsomely together…They got married in February 1967 and I was born in December on the same year and nine years later I got a brother. My mum is my best friend. My dad protects me all the way even though I'm a married lady now.

Look at the vintage wallpaper, I love it...It must be wallpaper, but no surprisingly they are wrapping papers.

Wrapping papers.?*&^%$#@!??..

Can you imagine how many wrapping papers they have to invest to cover up the whole bedroom, how creative are they. There are creative items that most of us not able to produce now. Why? I will try my best to get a few of the items.

Can you see.. what I see... I want that chair... I really adore those chairs for years... wonder where can I grab those....

And furthermore, look at the crowns... they are handmade , unfortunately, I do not have a closer photos of them.. My late greatgrandmother creatively crafted most of the crowns ordered by nearby villagers. Sadly, I do not have any of those in hands, but I'm proud to say that I was born in a bunch creative families.

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  1. salam melur...what a lovely photos here...well i thingkng to get mine soon from my awesome...