Cottage Plague

Just to share one of the cottage plague ordered by KakRose or some of us known her as KakYon... Sorry Kak Rose for taking such a long time to hand it over back to you... Now it is in good hand... I have to visit her new home one of these days... I created something different for her... She's a soft kindhearted lady ... she mostly laugh when we had our jamming... yeah .. jamming during breakfast... we had so much things to talk about .. and too little time ... sorry dear for the blur photo... my camera kind off getting old... I have a few more to share with you while my trip to Bukit Merah.. I did some folkarts.. will catch up with you next time.. ta..ta...

Hugs & Luv ~ Melur


  1. salam perkenalan dari mama.mama dpt dr blog PDKM.Cantik2 gambar kat sini.Klu nak tgk gambar PDKM lagi dtglah kat blog mama.Mma akan sign in..jumpa lagi

  2. salam melur..cntknya bli pd kak yon yea ina pun prh jumpa kak yon mmg baik orgnya lemahlembut...melur trm ksh sdi sgh blog ina alhamdulillah kerana sdi terima ina seadanya
    btw petua melur tu btl2 berkesan trm ksh sgt sdi membantu....