Antique Study Table

Hi Dear, I've been hunting around for a Study Table for quite some time. An antique touch would be lovely.  Last Sunday, I've gone window shopping to a few shops in Klang Valley, hoping to find some good furniture to store magazines and a few of my other collections.  I fall in love with this Antique Look Study Table and two more items.Unfortunately,it  will only be available in in two/three months time.  Why that long?  There's no stock's available and it has to be ordered from Indonesia.  The Study Desk / Table look a like the photo i've attached. Excuse me for not capturing my own photo to my blog, my camera is still in H1N1 condition.
I've to move and rearranged a few of my furniture to make place for new to come...Hopefully by then my camera will be out from ICU.
I'm not a fan of football, wish Spain will win....

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  1. This study table is beautiful with perfect design and perfect size as well..because Its an antique I hope its not that expensive that I thought.